Duck Soup

Duck Soup - An English idiom meaning something that appears very easy to do, but is in reality very difficult or illusive. Deceptively simple. This is the site for you if you work in hospitality. Do you manage a restaurant, a hotel, a rental property or a resort? Your life is about to become much easiler.

Deceptively simple; Anyone can open a restaurant. The challenge is to actually make money at it. There is a popular myth that new owners experience a 90% failure rate. The reality is that 3 in 5 restaurants will close or change ownership within 3 years of opening.

As frightening as these statistics are, the romance of opening a restaurant entrances thousands of people every year. It's a life of long hours, hard work and little support. It can and just may consume you and your world as an owner or manager.

That is where we come in. We've developed tools for your success. Deceptively simple software for the hospitality industry, developed by people actually working in the hospitality industry. We've been where you are. Now, we're here to help. Whether you run (or are considering opening) a restaurant, a hotel, a rental property or a resort, this site has some deceptively simple tools for you. Deceptively simple because your life is about to become much easier by using this site.

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Why we die

90% of restaurants fail within the first 5 years. 3 in 5 restaurants will close or change ownership within 3 years of opening. There are many opinions about why this happens.

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine hosts the TV show Restaurant: Impossible. Jon Taffer offers his professional expertise plus renovations and equipment to desperately failing bars on Bar Rescue in order to save them from closing. Anthoni Malchiorri explains what hotel operators must do when business is struggling. There are many successful shows that offer opinions on why and how this happens. Here are some of the top reasons;


Many of the owners being rescued on these shows are well meaning, but inexperienced. They don't know that they don't know. The host of the show points out what they are missing and then sets out to help them fix it - hopefully before its too late.


Inconsistency is the death of the hospitality industry. Guests expect a great experience on every visit. Yet inconsistent service or food quality is a common failure in hospitality. Owners fly by the seat of their pants and do not instil the systems that are required for consistency. The success depends on who is cooking or who is working. McDonalds did not become the number 1 fast food franchise by flying by the seat of their pants. In fact, franchises succeed because they have proven systems that work. Without systems, the hospitality industry will consume you as an owner.

Bad People Management

Restaurants and hotels have a ton of constantly moving parts and a diverse set of people working within them. Many generations of workers are in this industry, each with different motivations and expectations. It is traditionally an extremely high turnover business that demands managers with exceptional motivation, coaching and mediation skills. Overlooking what your people are doing will sink your business quickly.

Lack of accounting skills

Owners who do not have the tools or the skills to know the numbers will not succeed in this business. Focusing on bringing more customers into your establishment when your food cost is too high means you are losing more money even faster. What is the effect of discounting? What are the numbers to watch? What are the numbers telling you? Many owners do not know the numbers.

Owners and Managers Not Present

Charles Stiles of the Food Network's Mystery Diners captures on video what is happening in restaurants that the owners are not aware of. Even owners who are present may not be aware of the antics that staff pull off.

Failure to act

At first we didn't know. We didn't know that we didn't know. When we discovered what we didn't know, we failed to take the required corrective action.

We fail to recognize that customers are dissatisfied. We fail to create a unique experience that differentiates us from the competition across the street. We fail to put systems in place to reach out to our customers. We fail to put loyalty programs in place to bring them back. We fail to take the action that is needed to survive in this business.

Sometimes a wrong decision is better that no decision - at least we took action. This business demands constant action to our changing customer demands. Stay in tune to how and where the customer is opening their wallet - that speaks so much louder than what they tell you on feedback forms or in casual conversation.

Superior Attitude

Restaurant and Hotel owners are a different breed. Going into business as an enterpreneur requires confidence in your abilities and your products.

Beware of when that confidence transforms to arrogance. While the Soup Nazi may make good entertainment for Seinfeldt, it does not translate to a welcoming environment for your guests or the workplace of choice for your staff. Arrogance transforms to poor listening skills and shuts down the communication channels that are vital to your business success. Eat some humble pie and listen to (and observe) what is happening in and being said about your business and your presentation. Not everything said about you or your property will be 100% true. But each comment gives you insight to guest expectations and experiences. Stop being defensive and arrogant - you may not be 100% right either.

What we offer

Included on this site is our knowledge base that documents our experiences and helps to put you in the know. We give you tools and insight into what to watch for. Deceptively simple tools, systems and practices that will ensure your success.



Social media is the new reality. Nowadays, you cannot go anywhere that does not include a camera. Everyone has one on their internet connected phone. Folks will take a video long before they engage to lend a hand or help. Its all one big reality show filled with drama.

How are you communicating with your staff? How are you communicating with your customers? How are you staying top of mind, ensuring your message is getting through and connecting them?

The world is on facebook. Folks are sharing their lives, moment by moment, and demanding your attention with as-it-happens updates. Are you connecting with them on their level?

What if you could have a private facebook site for your business? Would that help you communicate with and connect your employees? What if you could share training materials, videos, food shots and service tips on-line. What if you could send consistent message updates to groups of people at the same time. What if you could track birthdays, anniversaries and special dates for your staff and guests. What if you could automatically send greetings and invitations?

What we offer

We offer a social site for your employees with the look and feel of facebook. No training required - everyone intuitively knows how to use it - they're on Facebook aren't they?

We offer a customer profile and followup system that rivals many CRM databases. It's at once a loyalty system, a birthday club and a customer relationship manager.

Deceptively simple tools, systems and tips that will ensure your success.



People feel more organized and connected with their work when they can check their schedule on-line. After all we're living in a connected world! We'll help you better connect with your team

No more calls

No more phone calls from staff. What am I working this week? Your team checks their schedule from their web connected phone, their tablet or their laptop.

Set yourself free

Simplify. Create schedules from anywhere. Check requested days off. Check team availablity. Team members can offer up shifts that conflict with their life demands and you approve the changes they arrange on-line. No more pen, paper, stickie notes and lost requests. You're finally in control.

Know your costs

A few clicks and you'll know todays labour cost. Make adjustments as you go.

Create groups of your team members

Think blog, facebook and messaging for business. We make it easier to connect with your team.

What we offer

We offer a simple scheduling site for your entire team. Deceptively simple software, tools, systems and tips that will ensure your success.


Know the Numbers

"However good a restaurant may be, it can’t survive without also being a successful business, especially in today’s climate of increasing costs and competition for price-conscious consumers. “It really comes down to business fundamentals,” says Jim Laube, founder and publisher or “Restaurants don’t succeed or fail because of their service, location, or even the food – it’s because they do or do not make a profit.” This sounds obvious, but Jim cautions that the knowledge and skills that might create a fantastic restaurant are quite different from those needed to manage and grow a successful business.

What we offer

Included on this site is our financial tools package. Track your receipts and bills simply and efficiently, eliminating those boxes of paper in your office. Balance the till effectively and track shortages by shift or server. Calculate your menu item costs and know your break even point. We give you tools and insight into what to watch for. Deceptively simple tools, systems and practices that will ensure your success.


Restaurant Reservations

We've extracted the reservation module from our restaurant POS system and uploaded it to the cloud. That means you can access a full featured and easy to use system to manage your hostess station on-line. Book reservations, manage tables, ensure proper rotation and track guest preferences easily. You'll give up that white board and agenda book once you try this simple solution!

Thinking birthday club? This software incudes our Loyalty software that allows you to reach out to your guests easily and effectively on their special day. Do your guests have a table preference? Do they have a favorite meal? Now your new hostess and server can be as in-tune to your loyal guests needs as that server who has been around forever.

What we offer

Deceptively simple software, tools, systems and tips that will ensure your success.


Hotel Bookings

Are you still using a day book or agenda to track your hotel reservations?

We've developed one integrated system that takes the complexity out of managing your property. It's an all in one accommodation management system specifically thought out, designed and built for B&B’s, guest houses and small hotels.

Complete with a commission free Booking Engine for your own website! It includes an easy to use Front Desk System, everything you need to easily run the daily operations of your property. It’s packed full of clever technology without the hefty price tag.

Deceptively simple software, tools, systems and tips that will ensure your success.


and MORE

We are restauranteurs and Hoteliers who have a background in computer programming. We develop software applications that meet the unique demands of hospitality operators as they arrise. We keep the software simple, because we use it too. Our staff keeps us in line with constant feedback about what's working - and what's not.

So keep an eye out for new stuff that we develop that makes your life in hospitality management a whole lot simpler.

Best success with your hospitality business!

What we offer

Included on this site is our knowledge base that documents our experiences and helps to put you in the know. We give you tools and insight into what to watch for. Deceptively simple tools, systems and practices that will ensure your success.


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